It's our mission to make lease-end simple. That's why we created a helpful list that includes everything you'll need to know.

Before your return

  • Examine possible excessive wear and use on your vehicle and make any necessary repairs.
  • If you think your vehicle may have excessive wear and use, schedule your complimentary inspection appointment 15 to 60 days before your maturity date.
  • Contact your local Lexus dealer to schedule a turn-in appointment for your vehicle.
  • Call your local DMV to find out if your state requires license plates to be returned at lease-end.

At your return

Bring the following to your inspection and lease-return appointments:
Toolkit and spare tire, if applicable
All sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable
Owner's Manuals
Any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)
Ask the dealer to record the mileage, and don't forget to sign the Odometer Disclosure Statement and ask for a copy.

After your return

  • Cancel any electronic payments and satisfy any remaining obligations under your lease.
Interested in a hard copy of this list?